Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Proper Introduction

Hi there, my name is Marianne. I'm your typical 16 year old high school student and a through-and-through horse lover. And I'm not talking about the "my horse wins me all these ribbons and he looks so pretty in all his matching tack!" kind of love. That's just an added bonus of dedication and teamwork, in my opinion. I'm talking about the "my amazing horse is the completion of my soul and when I see her, my heart wants to sing my love to the rooftops!" kind of love. Heck, I wish I could own a perfume called Eau De Barn - all the hay, grain, shavings, horse, leather, even manure smells - mixed into one heavenly aroma.

So maybe I'm not quite your typical teenager. But I'm still very social, I participate in my school's band, I'm actively learning Spanish (4th year), I take honors classes, and I joined the school's cross country running team this season. I guess my normalcy is up for judgment, but I'll leave that to you.

Now, back to my obsessive love of all things equine! I decided to start this blog because I found myself having the urge to record what I was learning with my horse (more about her in my next post). I would be sitting in history class with two notebooks open - one for my history notes, and another for my thoughts on training my horse, our competition future, goals, reflections on previous rides, you get the idea. I never had enough time to write down everything I wanted to. I filled an entire page reflecting on one ride, and it wasn't even a lesson! What was I getting myself into with all of this writing and record-keeping?

I've been a reader of the Fugly blog, Mugwump Chronicles, and the Many Misadventures for quite some time, and I've always been fascinated by the way they express ideas and what they are thinking. I thought that all of the feedback they receive is great and so helpful. Maybe sharing my ideas would be helpful to someone out there too. Even if they weren't, I would be recording all the things I'm doing with my mare, and I would have a way to look back at what I've done, reflect on what I've written, and really do some extra thinking. I could think about horses all day and night for the rest of my life, so some extra thinking sure sounds like a good idea to me!

Thus, The Eventing Adventures of BaileySlewBambiCrash was created. I look forward to this blog and where it may take us. I look forward to growing with my mare, too. I've always known that I want my life to involve horses forever, and that I want to learn everything I possibly can about horses and riding. I want to, for my first time, compete at a recognized event and learn about the show world. I have so many dreams for my riding and my knowledge, and reaching them will come in time. For right now, I'm here to enjoy the ride - and improve it with every passing day.