Monday, May 31, 2010

Confession Time

Alright, it's confession time. I confess to being a terrible blogger. It's the sad, awful truth, and I hope to fix it soon. And by soon, I mean in 16 days, when school finally gets out for the summer. I promise to give a full post on what Bailey and I have been up to since I last talked on here. Until then, here's a picture of us in the crazy warm-up ring of our first and only schooling show (Bailey's first EVER show) thus far.

Yes, I know, the picture of grace and elegance. Bailey was eyeing both the gate and the cameraman, but don't let this picture mislead you. Despite the fact that stopping was a mentally difficult task, she walked, trotted, and cantered quite well with 10-15 other horses in the arena. My favorite moment of the day was when two horses cantered by us. On either side of us. Going opposite directions. If I had reached out with a crop, I could have tapped either rider. Yet Bailey continued to walk calmly and focus on me. Good Snozzlemonster!